Today was CAP project delivery day 2 and we continued painting our classrooms when Junior, a GG Leader from DR, brought to our attention, a new idea. To spice up the hallway a little bit, he told us that we should paint blue waves on the bottom half of the wall. With the help of the community members, the design was outlined and we finished the whole hallway. This assignment helped us realize that working as a team, effectively, actually helps get the job done faster. The reaction we received from the kids and the women of the community made us happy and proud because they were joyful at the new appearance of the walls.

Today we also prepared our students from English tutoring for their graduation which takes place tomorrow. We all cheered on our classes to remain confident and ready for their big day. Even though sometimes classes start off rough, by the end of the day everyone is participating with the glimpsers and never wants them to leave. We all worked so hard and overcame the language barriers ad cannot wait to see their talents in their performances at the graduation’s talent show.

As Leader of the Day, my leadership skills were put to a test and I learned that having the desire to lead helps everything go smoother. It is better to do things with passion because having that trait is valuable and respectable. Being Lider Del Dia was fun and inspiring because I got to see the people I have been living with for two weeks in a different perspective and I was happy to see that they respected me just as they would respect an adult.