Today’s occasion was a task to finish what we left off from yesterday. This really was a difficulty for some of the Glimpsers, from having sore muscles to bummed out attitudes. Despite that, we tried to make today as productive as possible by having positive attitudes and pure determination, and with that we were able to accomplish our second CAP day with smiles on our faces.

Waking up after yesterday’s task proved surely to be a challenge for us. The Co-Leader of the Day, Nahum, did not wake up on time, leaving Mark to wake up the other Glimpsers at 6:20 AM. Surprisingly, the Glimpsers were up and ready for breakfast at 7:00 AM. After breakfast, the Glimpsers were able to prepare themselves for a long day of work. We left the Fundacion at 8:00 AM towards la Federation de Campesinos. As we got there we smelt the coffee but couldn’t drink since we had to get right to work.

We started work at 9:00 AM; same as yesterday, some were shoveling compost while others were building the racks and barrels in order to build the compost system. We loaded the barrels into the racks and started to shovel compost into the barrels; from this we found multiple setbacks such as the fragility of the PVC Pipes; we decided to reinforce with PVC Instant Cement: this added support to the system affectively and made the structure of the system stronger. TheĀ Glimpsers and the members of the Federation set to build the frame of the roof using bamboo that was grown and cut by the locals and carried to the site by the Glimpsers.

After the hard work and labor our stomachs started to make funny noises, we decided to take a lunch break. At 1:00 PM we had rice with beans, chicken, and macaroni salad, our fellow Glimpsers and us have enjoyed the meal and set back to work at 1:00 PM. We spent the next 3 hours loading bamboo to create a roof over the system, while others continued to shovel the compost. Once it was 4:30 PM we shared our thoughts and opinions of the project and gave thanks to Esteban and to his team for the opportunity to work with him and his workers; they taught us a lot of the Dominican culture whom are hard-working, welcoming, friendly, and heart-warming people. We set back toward the Fundacion to have a CAP Debrief Seminar, where we discussed our opinions and expressed ourselves about the CAP project and our success. We then had a lovely dinner by our chef Licelot, we also shared a goodbye with Juan Pablo, our Gua-Gua driver. After, we had our nightly meeting and passed down our torch to our 3 new leaders of the day.

Being the Co-Leaders of the Day proved to be both fun and challenging. What was challenging was trying to show the aspects of a leader to our peers while also working hard, what was fun was trying to make everyone involved in the project by keeping them energetic and motivated. Nahum learned today that in order to be a good leader you have to be willing to help others and teach your peers the right way to do things and be an example to them. Mark learned that a good leader is one who is considerate whom he felt frustrated to ask others on how they were feeling or whether they were physically okay. But above all, today was a progressive day that we will all definitely remember and cherish.