Hi everyone! Hi mom 🙂 This is Karen and Maya. Today is the start of our Community Action Project (CAP). We’re building a playground in a rural community called Villa Poppy.

We had a minor scare this morning when the Global Glimpse Leaders asked us where our CAP money was and nobody could answer. We spent a solid thirty minutes panicking, even asking for the security footage, only to find out the leaders were teaching us a lesson on responsibility.

We ended up being fairly productive despite our materials not arriving. When we got there, we weeded the area, cleared stones, dug out the path, and built a trench. We learned to step up and step back. As members of the management team, we lacked construction knowledge. Orbely, our fellow Glimpser, stepped up with his experience in building.

We ended up having to leave an hour early because of the rain to avoid slipping on the muddy roads. We made it back safely and prepared for tutoring or took care of our needs (aka napped).

We walked to school; our group struggled with preparing for our talent show. We started off with Single Ladies; transitioned to Baby Shark, which was promptly rejected; and ended up with Uptown Funk. Since we have adult students, many were uncomfortable breaking into dance. Maybe we should have just given them an idea instead of leaving it so open-ended.

After tutoring, we had dinner and then had our nightly meeting. During the meeting, we summarized the day, talked about its pros and cons, and passed the torch on to the next leaders of the day.

Overall, we were tasked with more responsibilities than usual, and at first, it was hard to juggle, but we still managed to figure it out by the end of the day. We got a lot of constructive feedback, and we’re grateful for the honesty of our group and leaders.