Hi from Dana and Sam! Today we went to the Carlos Garbay School and Farm to start our community action project. Our group decided to finish a previously started gazebo including painting and installing the roof, making a wall out of brick and cement, and building ramps. In addition to the gazebo, some students are painting tables and making stools to go inside. A group of about four students stayed at the school to finish a ceiling started by the previous delegation from the Bay area. The weather was perfect to be working outside along with teachers from the school, Juanito the bus driver, and Mauricio the manager of the Carlos Garbay farm. While we were working and taking breaks to drink water, eat some fruit, and reapply sunscreen, we met a new friend, Mateo. Mateo is a little boy who came to help us with our projects at the farm. He was definitely a great help and fun to be around. We finished working on the projects at 1:30 to head to lunch at Isabelle’s. After a quick shower we all headed to our second to last day of English tutoring.

As leaders of the day, we are very proud of everyone and the work we accomplished. Being leaders of the day was a great experience and emphasized the importance of caring for others. After ensuring that people had breaks and were feeling okay, we now appreciate how others care for us more. We learned that leadership truly means servitude, and being willing to do what is necessary to make sure that others are cared for and have what they need. We will bring this leadership and understanding back to Chicago!

We can’t wait to finish our CAP project tomorrow and see the teachers’ and school staff’s reaction to our service. We will truly miss them and their positive attitudes. After today, we all realized that even though work might be hard, whether for a good cause or for people that need it, it’s well worth the pain.

PS. Happy Birthday Mom! I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday (it’s why I chose to be leader today.) I’ll call you Friday to talk more. -Sam