We started off with an early morning. After breakfast we went to Familias Especiales to finish up the CAP project. We completed two murals and one globe. The murals portrayed nature and help raise awareness of pollution within communities. Each mural had at least 6 students working on them. Everyone was excited and relieved about the completion of the project. Throughout the CAP project everyone was overwhelmed, because of how large the project was, also the timing of the project.

Overall we had a fun time working with the community of Familias Especiales. As a gift of appreciation the workers made a pinata and sung multiple songs, we also sung a song too. Later on that day we had dinner, then went to English Tutoring. Today was the sixth day of tutoring, and so far it have been great. There are three groups of tutoring, and about five to ten people in a classroom. The three groups are advanced, intermediate, and beginners. Advanced is for the people who know a lot of English, Intermediate is for students who are good at English but still need help, and beginners are for students who are beginning to learn English. Must of the classes teach basic English, and some teach a little bit of math.

Overall, This trip showed us that new beginnings happen with, new/big fears.

P.S Happy Birthday Dad, Love Lauryn

P.P.S Shandiez is an amazing poet. She shared a piece she wrote about our deconstructing poverty day last night at the nightly meeting!

The National Bird of Nicaragua, Guardabarranco, on one of the murals!

Students working with members of the community

Students with the mural they created!

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