Today, we completed the challenge of CAP day two. We woke the glimpsers up at 5:30 a.m. to make sure we had enough time to execute the immense tasks planned for today. It was a challenge to ensure that all the glimpsers were ready for the day. The challenges that come with day two are making sure our initial progress did not get into our heads and slow us down for the day. Constant reminders of progress and the stress of completion was something we repeated throughout the morning on our way to overcome our daily struggles.




Finding ourselves at El Cedro, we began our day of work instantly and split into our groups to start our long day. As soon as we arrived there were welcoming smiles from the local families, students, and school staff. Having seen such excitement in the face of those we were impacting really gave the glimpsers a sense of purpose to push themselves through their amazing work.




Our outdoor group faced the challenge of working in the poor conditions of constant rain and humidity, but persevered and completed a majority of their planned work. We are encouraged to drink lots of water and electrolytes on long days like this. Although the rain caused the work to be paused several times through the day, the group came together with the local children to play volleyball, UNO, and decorate the basketball hoops with a touch of love from the children as well as the glimpsers.


The indoor group made amazing use of their time. Converting the walls of the cafeteria into a beautiful mural of the grassy savanna of panama along with adding vocab that included fruit and vegetables in Spanish and English. They contributed as well a beautiful mural connecting Panamanian and American culture. While this was a complicated task, the hands of many artists and non-artists put together an almost completed work of art. Many of us who thought we had no artistic talent were surprised to find that we actually have skills!

With our long and strenuous day having an effect on our mental and physical abilities, we found ourselves working together to put an amazing celebration for our fellow glimpser Divine who turned 17 with us today. We got her a cake from a local bakery, a bunch of decorations and glow sticks, and we sang to her in English and Spanish. Having such a joyous celebration to bring together all of the group brought us together despite being separated by our goals of tasks to complete.




Today overall, was a long and stressful day however, all of us worked hard and got a lot done despite all the obstacles we overcame. It was long, but worth it!

Lot of love,

Liders del dia, Antea y Selena!!

Heyyyy mommyyyy I miss you so much, I can’t wait to see you in a few days! I love you so much and will see you soon. xoxoxoxo -Selena Mohammed

Hi to everyone missing me back home! Love you all so much and am counting down to the days that I can tell you all about this amazing trip! Hoping to hear from you all soon! Much love, Antea.