Today was the second day of our community action project (CAP). We continued the multiple projects that we started yesterday and we’re beginning to get a feel for the time and effort needed to finish each task. Despite some setbacks throughout the group, we’ve managed to keep our positive attitude.

The painting group for the classroom was able to make tremendous progress in the short time available. After realizing that we needed a different shade of blue, the group was quick to react in fixing the small mistake. They’ve already finished applying the oil paint, and applied the first layer of the acrylic.

The group that was cleaning and painting the gate were having a hard time removing the rust from the fence, but found a machine to make the process much faster. This is the group that we estimate to take the longest.

The table group was able to construct the top of one of the tables, which is a huge leap in progress compared to yesterday.

The stepping stone group finished the process of laying out where the path will be, and placed the rocks along it. Now all they need is it plant the rocks in the dirt and paint them.

The cleaning group for the most part has split off into other groups to help with the unexpected workload. Once the other jobs are done, they will continue their original job.

After working with the CAP project, we ended the day by tutoring at the university. All in all, the project is coming along well, and we are excited to see the final results.