Saturday, July 13, 2013. Our day began at 6:30 when we all crawled out of bed and headed to the table for breakfast. We filled up on pancakes and cereal for an American style meal, grabbed our water bottles and sunscreen, and made our way to the bus stop. We climbed aboard and after a short trip found ourselves back on the steps of Las Chavaladas. Determined to finish, the group quickly got to work. By lunch time the sports committee had successful completed one soccer goal and the painting committee had made substantial progress on the mural. The arrival of food haulted progress for a short 30 minutes while we got our energy back. Then it was back to work. The sports group finished off the set of goals and gave them a nice coat IMG_3429of paint. Then we all got together to finish the mural. With the help of some of the boys and staff members at Las Chavaladas, it started coming together. Much to the delight of the boys, we were able to display some of designs they drew for us on the wall. It was great to see their faces light up with pride as they got to have a voice in the redesigning of the mural. We used some of our left over supplies to repaint the sports lines on the basketball court. As night was approaching, we put the finishing touches on the last sections of the mural and stepped back to admire all that we had accomplished. We set aside a small portion of the mural and painted the Earth with the words Global Glimpse. After we all finished, the Glimpsers and myself placed our handprints around the words so that there would always be a piece of us at Las Chavaladas, even long after we are gone. Another request of the boys was to have the logos of their two favorite football teams painted next to the sports court, so a few of our artistic delegates found photos and copied the logos of Barcelona and Real Madrid. After seeing us put our handprints on the wall, the boys put their handprints next to their favorite team. Then it was time to celebrate. A handful of us broke out the balls we bought and donated to the boys and played the first game on the new court. Getting to play with the boys was the perfect end to a long two days. It didn’t matter how old we were, where we came from, what language we spoke, we all came together to enjoy the renovations and celebrate our hard work. Then Amalia, the head of Las Chavaladas, bought us all together on the court to take photos. She thanked us graciously and gave us all a bracelet that says Chavaladas for us to remember them by. It was great and unexpected to have a momento to take away from the experience aside from the photos and memories. After countless hugs and goodbyes, we hopped back on the bus to the hostel. 12 hours later we were back where we began our day. We had a late dinner of pizza and reflected on the day. It was a great experiece to be leader that day. The determination and hard work put in by my fellow Glimpsers was nothing short of amazing. The CAP Project was a journey in itself, and we couldn’t have partnered with a more worthy organization.