Hi Everyone,

My name is Naiya, and today I was the LDD for our last day of the Community Action Project (CAP). Over the past three days, our Global Glimpse group has taken on many tasks to improve Escuela Paris de Parita’s overall appearance and subsequently their enrollment rates. Some of the tasks that we have completed over the days include stabilizing the three dining room tables and creating new seesaw seats to improve safety, painting the seesaws, the girls, boys, and unisex shower doors, the soccer/basketball courts, and our largest project yet, the dining room mural. We came up with these ideas, designs and executions to improve the appearance of the school and create a new ambiance not only in the school but within the community. For me, today, as LDD I feel that the most impactful part of the Community Action Project was seeing my design for the mural become a reality. Watching everyone come together to complete such an amazing project which will give so much back to the community has been one of the best experiences of this trip.

The other most impactful event not only today but from the trip as a whole has been English tutoring. With our last day of English Tutoring being today, each class took part in a final review and participated in a class talent show. Receiving letters and exchanging contacts, the students from our English Tutoring classes have left lasting impressions on us as teachers since we now know what an impact we can make on an individual and a community. Subsequently, I speak for all of us as teachers when I say that we hope to have left an impact on the students’ abilities to read, write, and speak English, as well as create better opportunities for their future. Moreover, we hope to have improved the lives of the kids at Escuela Paris de Parita and the students from English Tutoring as much as they have ours.

As a reminder, tomorrow has been switched to our fun day rather than our free day, so all families expecting calls during our free day, be on the look-out on Sunday instead! We will be journeying to a beach tomorrow where at the end of the day you will be hearing from our Leader del Dia, Esmeralda!

¡Buenos Noches!