Before we had to plan out our project we started with the 3D’s which stands for Discovery, Design, and Deliver. We discovered by going into the communities and asking for what they wanted, and we found out that what they wanted was a park. Our design process was more chaotic, we all brought terrific ideas and suggestions but could not execute because at the time, money and expertise we lacked. The last step is delivery, where we actually go to the park and actually fix the park. The question for today was “What are the challenges of applying to practice, what has been designed in theory?” And we learned that there is a huge difference design and delivery. We sit limitations on something’s that we needed and turned out that we needed more than planned, we had more community members helping and more glimpsers getting bored of their assignments. But as we continued to work as a team people got energized and got into the rhythm of work. We learned that when we let go of some plans, people were more free to do the things that they wanted to do which made the project more productive.

During the nightly meeting we asked if we could of planned the “unexpected”, but the glimpsers said “no, that no matter how much we planned, something would have been unexpected.” Which is true, and is a lesson we all learned as a family. Sometimes we need to go with the flow and let our communities have our back, just like they did this morning. The swings that were battered up and need extreme repairs,were already fixed before we got there. when we arrived, the kids were chanting and rejoicing on our arrival. We the glimpsers where ecstatic because we had the full support of our community, which made our job happier and easier.

Even though we had a rough start, we all  learned that team work and a loving community can and will always make a huge difference in any and everything we do, no matter how big or small that community is.

What do you think changes the world?

Hasta luego familias y amigos…nos vemos pronto! 🙂