To commence the day at 6 AM, we knocked on our fellow Glimpser’s doors, and used our wonderful voices to serenade them with the SpongeBob SquarePants’s FUN song.


Sticking with the SpongeBob theme, our role call consisted of “Are you ready kids? Ay, ay, Captain!”


We then feasted on a wholesome breakfast as we anticipated the hard work that was to come.

At 9 AM, our trusted driver, Sandy, transported us to Barrio Las Flores, where we began our Community Action Project (CAP).

Splitting up into two groups, we helped with the construction of the alley ways, as well as the entertainment of the community’s children.

As the day wore on, everybody replenished their energy with food provided by Dilemma’s catering service.

With full bellies, happy smiles, and rejuvenated spirits, some eagerly got back to the difficult work while others continued to interact with the children.

Everyone who did the construction- and put their smiles and sweat into digging the ally- realized how much effort is required to complete even a small road. Sometimes you don’t realize how much work goes into a project, but after experiencing it, you learn to appreciate it more, which is something we learned today.

To keep the neighborhood kids safe from dangerous construction zones, we played with them at the baseball park. With ample space to run around, we played soccer, baseball as well as their favorite game: Duck, Duck, Goose.

At the end of the day, we started to write the rough draft of our Letters of Appreciation to show our donors and sponsors gratitude for having contributed to our Global Glimpse experience.

All in all, we learned the importance of community. Many residents from the Barrio Las Flores gathered to help in the reparation of their streets. They did so because they were passionate about making a change in their community. What was done today could not have been possible without the help of the community members. United and with a clear vision, we realized how working together can instill change in the day to day lives of a community.

Being Lider Del Dia showed us the importance of listening to others. It isn’t until you experience the frustration of not being heard that your learn to appreciate the roles of your leaders. It is without a doubt that we will be more conscious of our actions, so as to not make our wonderful leaders feel ignored and disrespected.