Hello families! today we had a wake up call at 7:00 am and everyone did not complain about the wake up call, which was a very good thing. At 8:00 am we then headed to breakfast, We ate Gallo pinto with sweet plantains and eggs. After breakfast we headed back to the Hostel and had a program seminar in which we discussed the design part for the CAP Project. As soon as we finished with the program seminar we decided on which projects to move on with. Then we got into small groups to make a presentation to present to the  two teachers that are in charge of La Escuela  El Platanal. When each of us presented our ideas to the two teachers  they decided on which projects to move on with, but they couldn’t just chose one project so they asked of us to try and work on all the projects which were: fixing the sink, making swings, making a better trash and recycling system, expanding the garden and making a mini water tower. From there we had a little time to prep for our last official English class. From the hardware store we headed to dinner. Everyone really enjoyed their dinner! Then we headed to our last official English class. To end our night we had our nightly meeting then headed to bed. Till tomorrow! We are excited to start working on our projects!