It was what we thought to be 6:30 AM and both Sharriff and I, Oscar Morales, the new “Leaders of the Day” were eager and ready to wake up, get ready to wake up the rest of the Glimpsers. Little did I know that as I looked down at green and black Coleman watch, that was borrowed by my good friend Ashneel, that it was actually 5:30 in the morning and called for a false alarm. That being said we tried to fall asleep with comforting melodies created by the sound of rain (that’s right, rain) knocking on the steel roof. Nonetheless, I dazed off into my own world and woke-up at 6:30; I proceeded to untangle myself from my handy-dandy mosquito net. I quickly went on to get ready for the day and go on to wake up the rest of the Glimpsers from the much needed slumber. As the rest of the group got ready, I made my way towards our eating area the smell of hot oatmeal and papaya filled my nose.

As breakfast ended we headed to our meeting area to discuss a more serious matter: our CAP Project. Our CAP, short for community action project, is purposely designed for us to have the ability to be able to bring our own individual skills to ideally better a local community here in San Cristobal. At this meeting we discussed how we would and what specifically we would like to help Boca de Nigua; a local community that provides educational, sport and other various activities to support to the children of San Cristobal. However they needed a helping hand to be able to continue this tradition of success. Furthermore, during the meeting we decided that we would specifically like to help Boca de Nigua by providing a recreational area, a bathroom with running water, and helping with beautification. We worked for an hour and thirty minutes on project proposal for Boca de Nigua’s representatives’. As we wrapped up our project proposal we proceeded to head to the bus and actually head to Boca De Nigua and present our project idea. At Boca de Nigua, we made an agreement for our project that included doing the bathroom, donating 15 bags of cement to resurface the front and back yard and much more!

Towards the end of the day, the entire group had freetime until 6 PM in which they wrote to their donors letters of appreciation. While my co-leader, Sharriff and I went with our leaders Elias and Ricardo to purchase the materials for our product. We bought pipes for plumbing, a toilet, 60 trees, and a lot of paint! As we headed back to the Rancho , about 1 hour and 30 minutes later than expected, we really enjoyed our hot dogs for dinner. Overall today was a very good day, although busy and a lot of planning it was very enjoyable to know that we would be able to impact a community that really deserves it!

As for tomorrow, we have a really fun and less busy day than today, as we head out to hike some caves and enjoy a natural pool. I also want to say hi to everyone especially mom and dad and the rest of my family! I really miss everyone back home! Can’t wait to see you guys. Also hi to Ms.Mac and Ms.Zamora! I miss you guys and want to thank you for the amazing experience you guys allowed me to have!!