Today we continued working on the second phase of our Community Action Project. The Glimpsers already knew what to expect with an early morning wakeup at 6:30, so we fueled up on eggs, fruit and toast to keep up with the hustle and bustle of the day.

We rode on the bus for about an hour to Amulá Casaloma and went straight to work, dividing ourselves into three teams: shelf-builders, sign post-makers and muralists. Although the first day was a little rough, most of the Glimpsers got comfortable with their roles and really stepped up today to produce phenomenal work for the people of the community. The GG leaders, Ms. Carsky and Ms. Taal, oversaw the activities while painting the mural – which is turning out really nicely. Other Glimpsers started putting together the shelves and decorating the sign posts, saving us a lot of work for the final day. We continued to get to know the people of the community as we sat together and ate lunch after a productive morning.

Our fourth day of English tutoring was another success. Glimpsers and their English tutees continued to bond and learn from one another as we played activities outside on the playground after a very productive learning session.

Later in the evening, the group went back to Nativa for dinner and had brick oven pizza, Ecuadorian style. For dessert, we had strawberries and cream and then walked back to Hotel Mashany for our regular nightly meeting.

All in all, it was a very involved day. Glimpsers continue to bond with one another and make lasting experiences filled with selflessness, unity and laughter. Although our trip may be nearing the end, the memories that we have made will last a lifetime.