Today was CAP Prep Day! Which was basically the day we prepared for our CAP project, it revolves around the community in La Garnacha. We were given the opportunity of fixing up their local church, improving their plumbing situation, or adding a backstop to their baseball field. We were extremely enthusiastic about our options that we decided to do both the baseball field project and the church project. Which was why we needed today to ask questions regarding the materials and money expenses.

Today, we learned how to purchase tools and ask for materials in Spanish (with help of course), We had to buy an 8 by 30 ft. fence and carried it for approximately 4 steps, ’til we realized it was too difficult and got some random truck driver to drive it back to the hostel for us. Erin went with the truck driver so we thought we’d  never see her again! But we did. After buying all the materials we needed, we had a seminar dedicated to writing the letters to those who donated to our trip. We all wrote such heartfelt letters.

After lunch, we had free time!! And it was the first time where we had the opportunity to arrive at English class ourselves. After a hectic hour and a half at English class, we stopped by a souvenir shop on our way to dinner and bought some knickknacks. After that, we came back to the hostel and had our nightly meeting.

Overall, today was a great day. We’re very thrilled to be starting our project on Thursday! We’ll keep you posted.

-Charles Lam