Today was an important day for our group. We finished our proposal for our Community Action Project (CAP) and presented it to Los Pipitos.

After getting to sleep in until 8:00 am, we had a great breakfast of gallo pinto. Then, we jumped straight into planning for our presentation. We had a lot to get done, so after a quick meeting to decide what we wanted to do, we split up into groups to get all our tasks done. Everyone was very excited and enthusiastic to work on the project and contribute their ideas and skills. We created a plan to renovate Los Pipitos in a sustainable way that will last into the future. Our goals are to improve the physical therapy room, primarily by using plaster to smooth out a bumpy wall the children hurt themselves on, renovating the craft room, and organizing the office.

My group ventured out to research prices for materials. Once we got back, we had yet another pre-presentation meeting. Everyone was ready to go with their tasks by the time we met. After a quick run through of the presentation, we headed down for a lunch with our guests from Los Pipitos.

Following a quick energizer playing Electric Current, our group gave an amazing presentation. Tajah and Jay were great MCs, Jydalis and Ricardo did a wonderful job translating, and Gianna, Cynthia, and Kerene were incredible presenters. After the presentation, we had one final meeting to go over the shopping list Paulie created for us.

Paulie, Salma, and Imani bought paint for us to use tomorrow, and we’re all very excited to get to work tomorrow on a project we know will be extremely beneficial for the community. Buenas noches, everyone!