Today was a productive day during which we assembled a presentation for our community action project (CAP). It was successful because we worked together to form an agreement that would cover all of our priorities. Although today was a free day, we spent a couple hours after breakfast planning the project and we stayed committed to our goals for Global Glimpse. As Glimpsers we pulled through during our free time. We assembled ourselves into groups in an orderly fashion and were punctual despite that it was our first full free day without the GG leaders. Some Glimpsers took the time to relax at the hostel, while others opted to further explore Matagalpa, Nicaragua. This evening we presented our design for the CAP project, which is a school garden, to a few teachers and family members from the school community with whom we will be working. It went very smoothly and the Glimpsers displayed incredible courage to speak in front of so many important people.