įHola! Me llamo Claude McCammon. Today we visited Saboneta, a rural community outside of San Juan. Today was also the beginning of our “CAP” (Community Action Project). As you may know, our “CAP” project requires us to donate $15.00 -30.00 dollars to go towards a project that helps a partner organization address needs in the community. Today we traveled door to door to various houses in the community and tried our best to understand what the needs of the community are and how we can work with the community to address them. In Saboneta, we ventured on a tour of the town first. We walked through the Ludoteca where the little kids go to play and learn. Then we hiked past the river edge and saw several children fishing. But before we left we visited various families. They spoke of water needs and medical inconvenience, in addition to the needs for more english language education.

As we move throughout the phases of the CAP project i.e. Discovery, Design and Delivery, we hope to bring practical and sustainable support to the Saboneta community.

Tomorrow, we will not be posting a blog, as it is a “relax day”. Please don’t worry; we will be posting August 1st, Immigration Day.