Today we prepared for our CAP project, which is a yucca fair for the organization, FEMUCAMO. We had a filling breakfast of eggs, bread, and fruits and then we went to El Cacique, the community that houses FEMUCAMO. When we arrived, we first greeted the women of the community and then split off into our assigned committees to work on our tasks. Our publicity committee set up social media accounts for the organization such as a Facebook and an Instagram page. There was a lot of difficulties while doing that since the internet connection was poor, but the committee was still able to work through that. After that, they taught the women how to manage the social media pages and how that can benefit their organization. They also made a brochure to pass out during the fair tomorrow to help spread the name and cause the organization. The money management committee finalized prices and cash system for the fair. They made a menu poster and sings to put at our yucca booths. Event planning communicated with the offices of FEMUCAMO to get the details of what to put on the information poster. Other people of the committee worked with the logo committee to work on two big banners to put on each side of the location of the fair. The logo committee also had drew a lot of logos to put on all the posters and banners of the event. In between our work time, we ate rice with veggies and eggs and potatoes for lunch. We had a great time working together for the project that we are all very excited about.

Throughout the day, our project was assessed in order to make sure that it remained sustainable for the women at FEMUCAMO. Despite good planning, we ran into issues as a group such as a limited budge, internet issues, language barriers, etc. By adjusting to the hard circumstances and troubleshooting the issues, we learned as a group that problems need to and CAN be overcome. In the end, the end result was very successful with the variety of posters, brochures, and decorations created by the group. We are proud of the group as a whole for the teamwork that was seen.