Yesterday, Glimpsers had an early wake-up call of 7 AM by Leaders of the Day Kathleen and Yolanda, as it was important in order to start the first day of the CAP project. For the Community Action Project, or CAP, M2A decided on Infancia sin Fronteras to be the organization to receive it. Infancia sin Fronteras allows kids to further their education outside of school. There, children are provided with different activities such as learning how to make a piñata, art seminars, and school subject classes. As part of the trip, Global Glimpse is providing the organization in Guadalupe, Nicaragua with an exciting mural, a wonderful garden, and a useful irrigation system free of frogs.

Students got to work right away as we arrived at 9:30 AM. With lots of work done in the early morning, lunch was well deserved at noon. With time flying by, it soon hit time to return to the hostel. Once back, students were allowed an hour of free time to call home, get some ice cream, take a well needed nap,  and just hang out.

Even after a long day of CAP work, we all headed to El Progreso for English Tutoring, as our night was filled with many new vocab words, grammar sentences, and discussions about American Pop culture.

Come back tomorrow to see the progress we make on these helpful and exciting projects!