This past saturday was the first day of our Community Action Project! Everybody was extremely motivated and excited, especially because we got to wake up later than usual. The entire day was dedicated solely to the CAP project, and we were able to successfully launch the foundation of our many ideas. We began with having a group start leveling the path through the bottom of the garden, since the entire garden is on a steep slope that makes it extremely hard to walk about the garden. After leveling a path, the group began to put tires into the ground as steps and placed bricks at the bottom of the path. We also had another group pull out weeds and the various amounts of trash that was found throughout the garden. There were so many weeds everywhere, and the garbage that was found (including pieces of glass) was a huge hazard for any children walking about the garden, so were were all very proud that we were able to make such a difference on the first day of the project.

After a long day’s work, we were rewarded with a trip to a local discoteca where we all enjoyed ourselves dancing and just getting a break from working so hard that day. It was also really great that we got to go to the discoteca with the other Matagalpa delegation, since they were going to leave a few days earlier than us.

Overall, it was a very productive and exciting day because for most of us, this is the biggest project that we’ve ever done. If we do everything that we’ve planned (which I believe we will) then this will be something that will impact families for generations to come. It’s exciting to see how the project progressed over the day, and it’s very motivating when we also see people from the community actively participating and helping us put together the vegetable garden for the school. The group was communicating so well on the first day, and I can tell this project will progress smoothly.

We’re going to do great.