Buenas Noches families and friends! My name is Derek, and today we had our second day of the CAP Project. There were many successful outcomes when it came to today’s progress, which included the various paint jobs and activities that were created by the group. Today, the midpoint of our project has directed us towards finalizing the rest of the project for tomorrow. As stated by Nyla and Isabella, we completed another six-hour community action project that was strenuous, amusing, and insightful. After the long day of CAP, we had our fourth day of English Tutoring! Today was anextremely cheerful day in which we created fun assignments for college students to engage in while learning English. As the day came to an end, we had our nightly meeting, recapping today’s events and the question of the day. In the quote, it states, “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” — Henry Ford. My response towards this quote is that coming together is the first step of creating a goal, staying together is the tough part of remaining as a team without falling apart, and working together is a necessity in the progression towards what the group is trying to achieve. This day has shaped my perspective to understand different methods of leadership, dedication, and commitment required for any project. When you are in a team, you must stick together and keep pushing towards what you want to achieve, regardless of the obstacles that come towards your way. Good night!


Good evening families and friends! This is Briarre! As Derek said, today was our second day for the Community Action Project. We continued to work on the designs for the gazebo, the handicap ramp, the walls of the school, repainting the trees, and the basketball court. We got a lot of work done today and I am really proud of the progress we made as a team. I needed everyone to have something done to present on our pamphlets to give to the community and each group made sure that we had something to display! After working from 9-4 on the CAP project, we came back to the hotel to prepare for English tutoring. Today, I had an AMAZING experience at English tutoring. We got to talk to 2 students each and have dialogues with them in English. It was nice to see how much English they actually knew and to see what they want to learn. The class today was the highlight of my day because the students really enjoyed talking to us. I’m truly going to miss them! Today has been great! Good night everyone.