This morning we woke up at 7:00, had some breakfast, did some last minute project shopping and went to Proyecto Miriam to get working. We made a ton of progress today by priming everything, painted most of our columns and bricks and we finished the stencil. Although, our entire gate from yesterday was wet from rain so we had to peel off all of our hard work and start the gate over we did finish the gate again just in time before the Nica showers hit again. We’re almost done and will be finished tomorrow because of our amazing teamwork and positivity. After working on our CAP project we headed back to the hotel El Chico for dinner, our nightly meeting and of course music and dancing.

Today we all came together as a family, as you read above above there were so many challenges that we faced and got through. It was amazing to see such a great transformation happen in just two days. All of it was made possible because we worked as a team. My fellow glimpsers always know how to come together as a family when needed.  Many jokes were also made during the day (which is personally my favorite part of the day). Our silly energy and playful vibe makes the day so much easier to get through. Although being leader of the day was quite difficult, I learned a lot about myself (Daja). I learned that I am capable to guide my fellow peers to make a project successful and sustainable.

All of us glimpsers love it here in Esteli but we also miss everyone at home and we can’t wait to see you! Please continue leaving comments so we can read them at our nightly meetings. We only have a few more days in this place that we have been calling home but we still have work to finish, people to help, and impacts to make.

Buenas noches!

Syd & Daja