Hello fellow parents of Global Glimpsers, today we woke up at 7 am for our last day of our CAP project for breakfast we ate omelettes with watermelon and it was delicious. Since it was our last day on our CAP project, we were determined to complete the project by the end of the day and we did exactly that. We finished painting everything that we needed to complete and made a great organization like Miriam happy. Through all the obstacles we faced especially Mother Nature we came together not only as a group of teenagers but as a family. We have grown so much throughout this amazing experience and we all formed great bonds with one another.

With the CAP project finished we all got prepared to enjoy a nice meal at Vuela Vuela at 5 PM to celebrate all of our hard work. Despite a few road bumps on the way, we made our way to one of our final tutoring lessons at Mas Vida. After a long day we enjoyed ice cream and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches during our nightly meeting which would be incomplete without mentioning a surprise visit from a local Nicaraguan musician, Raphael. After a long day we were all refreshed to lay back and to listen to traditional Nicaraguan music.

Until Next Time . . .

Buenos Noches!