Hey Everyone!

Reporting in today is Ibrahima K and Emily C. Today was more of a relaxed day, with a wake-up call at 8:00. After breakfast, we were given the ability to go out and fully explore the city of Las Tablas in groups with our newfound friends. After meeting back at the hotel for lunch, we then prepared to present our ideas for a Community Action Project (CAP) to two interested parties: Sheila, The landowner of Cerro Marchina, a hill in the pueblo of Paritilla, and Isabelle, a local Peace Corps volunteer. We presented in three teams, one for each aspect of our intended project: Trail Building, Compost and Reforestation, and Educational Workshop. We are so happy that Sheila and Isabelle approved of our project plan, and gave us valuable feedback in order to put it into action later this week.

After a quick and eventful dinner at Burger House, we went to our fourth tutoring session at the IFARHU school. Some Glimpsers called this session “the best one yet”! To put an end to the day, Glimpsers and Leaders took a trip to the local plaza and held our nightly meeting in a gazebo located there.

Being the Líder del día was a fantastic experience! It taught us a lot about leading a group when there is room to be flexible, and how to come up with a backup plan on the fly. Even though we were leaders, it still felt like we were part of the group, but with extra responsibility. One aspect we can take away from this experience is that it is okay to mess up and not know what you are doing, and the group is here to help.

Tomorrow, during our Environmental Day, we will be led by fellow Glimpsers, Izaak and Andrea. We can’t wait to share our adventures in Valleriquito with you!

From Ibrahima: Shoutout to my family; my mom, who I know has been worried about me since the minute I left; and from my dad, my brother, and my sister, who have also been waiting to hear from me. I miss you all and can’t wait to see you guys again! See you soon!

From Emily C: Shoutout to my family, the librarians at the Greenfield Public Library, everyone at Stone Soup Cafe, and Shannon :). I love y’all.