¡Hola familias!

Michael and Claire here! Today we all woke up bright and early at 7:00 and walked to Roma Santa, as usual. We were treated to scrambled eggs, chocolate cake, yogurt and granola, watermelon, apples and papaya juice. With full stomachs, we boarded the buses to Utopía to finish our CAP project. We once more split into our groups to make sure all three parts of the project were completed on time. The construction team put the shelves through a few more rounds of sanding and polish, the paint and design team finished all of the signs for the brand new shelves, and our hard-working PR team completed 4 logo options for the foundation.

After thanking Utopía for this wonderful experience, we returned to Roma Santa for our hard-earned lunch. We ate shrimp, chicken, and tofu fried rice with salad, fried plantains and passion fruit juice. From there, we were let loose into the city for an hour or so of free time. Some choice locations were Café Paris, Plaza Roja, and various crepe stands. We soon met at the hotel to depart for our last English tutoring class. Both the students and tutors were very sad to say goodbye. Many hugs were exchanged and many pictures were taken.

Back at Roma Santa, Mama Isabel prepared us some traditional Ecuadorian guinea pig as well as rabbit. Many students found them delicioso and others found the thought of eating a pet simply horrifying. The menu also included chicken noodle soup and beef empanadas. After some sick beats were dropped back at the hotel, we leaders passed the Ecuadorian flag torch to tomorrow’s leaders, Mark and Cynthia!

Overall we had a very productive day!

¡Hasta pronto! (See you soon!)

Michael and Claire