We are your leaders of the day, V & B (Victoria & Betzy). Today was CAP Execution Day 3, which means it was our last day in Nuario to work on our projects. We started off our morning by waking up at 7 am and eating breakfast at 7:30 am. By 8:15 am we were out the hotel heading to Nuario. Our first stop was finishing the reforestation that we began yesterday. We knocked out the remaining 71 trees in about an hour and a half. This was only possible because we worked efficiently and collaborated to meet each other’s needs.

From there, we proceeded to finish the projects we started on CAP Day 1: the garden and the nursery. But of course, before more work, we ate lunch (sandwiches with Doritos and some fruit). As we prepared for lunch, some of our group gathered the students from the school and played soccer. More than half of the group stayed at the school to help finish the garden because extra sets of hands were needed. The rest of the group headed to the nursery.

At the school, we divided and conquered! Some of us filtered and mixed dirt, others built the last planter beds, and others painted the school walls while the rest figured out the measurements for how to place each bed.

At the vivero (nursery) at Boni’s casa, the group did some last-minute touch-ups like organizing the plants, adding three more seedbeds, installing a mesh over the entire nursery, and painting the wooden posts and beams. Overall, we feel so accomplished and grateful for being able to spend these last three days working alongside such a beautiful community.

After all the hard work, (and some mud and a lot of sweat), we arrived at the hotel, showered, and prepared our bags for laundry. At 6:20 pm we ate dinner (spaghetti, garlic bread and some salad), which was also used to prep our English classes.

At 7:20 pm we headed out for our last English tutoring session with our students. We taught our lessons, shared some snacks, and shared some laughs. In the end, we exchanged numbers, Instagram’s, took pictures, and shed some tears. The feeling is bittersweet because they will be in good hands with the next delegation, but we won’t be able to see them again.

Tomorrow is our second free day and we are excited to interact with more locals as we explore more of Las Tablas.