Hello from Chitré, Panama!

After getting some good hours of sleep. We woke up and got ready for the exciting day waiting for us! During breakfast we learned history facts about Casco Viejo. This gave us a better idea of the place we were going to visit. We did check out at the hotel and we got in the bus.

Once we arrived at Casco Viejo, we got off the bus. Our Tour of Casco Viejo began! We learned about some of the churches there and main squares and the history behind each of them.

We got some time to buy some souvenirs.

After Casco Viejo, we went back to the bus and drove to Niko’s Café for lunch. An hour later, we were on our way to Chitré.

Late in the afternoon, we arrived in Chitré and we checked in at Hotel Bali. Everyone went to their rooms, and soon, we went as a group for a short tour of the main squares and places here in the City of Chitré.

Once we finished dinner. We got to meet another group from Chicago that is doing the same program as us with Global Glimpse. We enjoyed our time meeting them at the main square by the cathedral to celebrate the 4th of July! Happy 4th of July!

We went back to our hotel; we had an activity and a short nightly meeting.

This is all for today! Stay tuned! Tomorrow we will be having our Culture Day!