Today we visited Ceramica Negra, which is a cooperative of eleven women.  The Glimpsers made pottery and baked biscuits.  Afterwards the Glimpsers watched the women fire up the outdoor clay oven.  Glimpsers then purchased various earthen ware.  Due to Marvin, the bus driver, Glimspers had a very festive ride back to our villa.

The Glimpsers are beginning to gel with each other more.  Our meals used to be very quiet.  However, as of dinner this evening that is no longer the case.  They are more comfortable with each other.  As a result, there was laughter and conversation during dinner time.  After dinner, we held our nightly meeting so that students can be prepared for our Aid and Development Theme for tomorrow.

Our theme for today is Culture.  One of the questions that the Glimpsers reflected on is “Should indigenous communities adapt to a globalized society or is it important for them to retain their separate cultural traditions, beliefs, and practices?”  The general response of the group was that indigenous people should have a choice about how they adapt to other cultures–if they decide to do so.

On the ride home, Cindi Lauper’s “True Colors” blared on the bus radio.  I was inspired to write the following poem:

As you venture through the midst of Jinotega,

May your compassion guide your heart to effect change and create pleasure

In the minds and souls of each person you see,

It is my hope that you help someone else to become free.

May your commitment and courage abet someone whose discouraged.

For your true colors shine through and through,

By helping others you’ll guide them to the ultimate truth:

despite any government,

we are more alike than we are different.

Be blessed.  Be encouraged.  Be loved.

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