Dear Friends and Families of CH2C,
Due to the weather in the New York City area, the flight from Panama (PTY) to Newark (EWR) is currently scheduled to leave Cleveland (CLE) at 7pm local time and arrive Newark (EWR) at 8:19 EDT
However, given that the weather in the New York area is ongoing, there is a significant possibility that there will be further delay (possibly a departure from CLE as late as “9:00pm” according to our point of contact at United) in which case we will update you accordingly. That could mean an arrival at EWR after 10:00pm. Their flight has been given priority status to leave CLE for EWR tonight as soon as the weather improves.
They’ve gone through immigration in CLE, so they will likely be returning to a domestic terminal at EWR. Please keep an eye out for updates via email and on whichever flight tracker you’re using on the return terminal at EWR, and please try to be there promptly for your student when they arrive. If you can’t be at the airport, please communicate with your student right now while they are in CLE to help them figure out a way home (Uber, Lyft, carpooling with another Glimpser heading to your borough, or public transportation).
Thank you for adjusting to the changes, and we are looking forward to their arrival.