DSC02647As Lider Del Dia, I had to wake up at 7:30 and get ready; to wake up the Global G’s at 8:00 for our fun day. After everyone was awake we had breakfast at 9:00. Licelot prepared breakfast; we had fried cheese and mashed potatoes, and it was amazing. Once we had said our thank you to Licelot, we got ready for our fun day out in the sun.

When the bus showed up, we hopped on it and headed to Saltos Del Jima.When we got to our destination, we took a beautiful hike through a forest filled with astounding plants and tress to a cool waterfall that we later swam in.DSC02665

We stayed at the waterfall for about 2 hours, and the water was freezing but was really refreshing. We proceeded to go swimming, played games, laid in the sun and watched some people cliff diving. Oh, and we took lots of pictures and reclaimed the rock from Anthony, Robert, and Marcos… eventually that is.DSC02682


We hiked onto the bus to make our way back, where we had our lunch, ham and cheese sandwiches and homemade fruit punch made by Licelot. We were almost back home when we came across a political parade that created a traffic jam. Even though the people were crowding the streets, it was very interesting to see how they throw political parties. They were bumping music, passing out shirts, and motorcyclists were driving through the streets with flags tied to their backs. Which is crazy, because voting doesn’t take place until May of next year.

Once we arrived to la fundacion we had free time. Folks freshened up and we decide to go snack shopping.  We bought tons of snacks like cookies, chips, candy, and juice, soda and even some clothes. Since it’s Sunday the only places open to go shopping were the grocery store and a few corner stores. It was a great time, until it started pouring while we were walking back, but that didn’t stop us from having a good time. As soon as we reached the la fundacion the sun decided to come back out.

We still had some time before dinner, so we played a bunch of card games like Speed, Deuces, Thirteen, Uno, Flux and Bang. We even got to put make up on some of the boys, only the ones that were brave enough too. Dinner was at 8:00; we had chicken and pizza empanadas with fruit punch made by Licelot once again. We concluded our day with our regular nightly meeting where I passed on the El Lider Del Dia torch to Bing. Overall, today was a fun and relaxing day. YAYYY!!!