C2B has arrived!  My name is Fabiola Garcia. I’m from Santo Domingo. I became a Program Coordinator because I loved the idea of working with communities. I think is important to empower them and be their voice. I moved to Constanza from Santo Domingo for this project three months ago and I’m in love with this town.
I can not wait to show all the wonderful things that my partners Silvi and I have been creating for the past three months for the Glimpsers to enjoy and learn.

I would love for the Glimpsers to make wonderful life memories, have fun and get an amazing experience that can open their minds. I would like to learn and enrich myself from them as well.

My co-coordinator and I were so excited to receive our second delegation.  As soon as we started sharing with our Glimpsers and Leaders, we knew that this summer would be awesome for everyone.