Hello everyone,

We began our day loading the buses at around 8:00 AM. We had breakfast, which included empanadas, fruit salad, hot chocolate, and tea, on the go. The ride there was about an hour and on our way, we got to see a herd of alpacas on the side of the road. Looking out the windows, we realized we were heading above the cloud cover on the mountain and people began to feel the altitude. When we got there we had time for pictures and we drove back down a bit to begin our hike. After the hour long hike, we loaded the buses back up and returned to our hostel to get ready for lunch at Nativa.

After lunch we had to rush back to the hostel to get ready for English tutoring, and at 5:30 PM, we headed back to the hostel for a small break before dinner. After dinner, many of us were excited to grab snacks on our way back to the hostel. We concluded the evening with our nightly meeting, ending yet another successful day. We have a busy three days ahead of us as we work on our Community Action Project, but we’ll keep you posted as always every night. Until tomorrow.

Your Líderes del Día,

Ivonne, Chris, and Xavier