Jocelyn Lyell,17
Oakland School for the Arts, Oakland, California
Riobamba, Ecuador

When completing this project, I decided that the best way to portray my journey to Riobamba would be to create a compilation of images captured on my digital or film cameras while in-country. To do this, I created a digital collage with photos representing some of my favorite moments during my two weeks in Ecuador. Some sights included are: Chimborazo (I would say good morning to Mount Chimborazo every day and tell her she looked beautiful), a llama living on the indigenous ground (my love for llamas grew immensely), me standing on the farm where my delegation planted potatoes, and the lovely sights at the waterfalls of Los BaƱos. Throughout the trip, I felt inspired to create art based on my beautiful surroundings, so on each side of Chimborazo in the collage, I included a snippet of one of my line drawings completed in-country. With this collage, I wanted to convey the diversity and excitement of each experience, and the collective beauty of the country.