Today June 21, us Glimpsers woke up bright and early to get ready for an exploration up the Chimborazo Volcano. Fun fact: we were up about 15,000 ft above sea level, which is higher than the highest point in the continental US. Arriving at the base of Chimborazo, an hour and forty minutes from our Hostal with stops to climatize, our guide named Carlos, whom we knew from previous day trips, took us up a slow hike to a monument/statue and enjoyed the magnificent view all around. We took many photos, laughed, and shared memories with our new friends. Let me just say, the elevation here is really something else… but we all made it up and were full of excitement and interest once at the destination. Descending back down, our lungs filled with air, cold air might I add, we made our way back to the bus in order to arrive at the Polylepis walk.

Upon arrival, we exited the vehicle only to be greeted by what seemed to be a dust storm, accompanied by what mother nature likes to call “a breeze.” This breeze was like no other, pushing us over. But what a sight. We ascended up the medium sized boulder to find a flat area where we enjoyed the wonderful lunch made by our oh so wonderful chefs at La Estancia and the sight of the trees planted in order to harvest for wood. Once finished eating, we fought the wind to the bus where we made our way back to Hostal Bolivar.

In preparation for our CAP (Community Action Project) we created a presentation for the people in the community in which we are helping. It was a bit hectic, but we managed to pull through with intense teamwork to further the process of planning the creation of two fences for two gardens at a school in Llullondongo with only so many minutes left to get to VRBO Devino, where we perform our English tutoring. After speaking with all the Glimpers, today was a great day, even with the loss of two hats, and a pair of glasses. Like I said, “a breeze” had a little attitude. After our delicious dinner, where we were able to try cuy, or what you all at home know as guinea pig. Some liked it, some didn’t, but what an interesting dish to taste. Back at the Hostal, more progress was made on our Community Action Project.

After going through budgeting and designing, we organized ourselves into groups and started making final touches on our project plan. Identifying everyone’s strengths allowed for a smooth and ideal workshop. This is also where we believe we all realized how important teamwork really is. Using this skill, we able to envision a final draft, and that’s what we did. Its almost lights out, so be ready for the next blog and more information on our CAP!