It’s almost here! We hope you’re as excited as we are! As Program Coordinators, we truly believe that this 16-day itinerary will have a huge impact on young and creative minds like yours.


Now, let us introduce ourselves:



Hi, my name is Larry Gómez. I am from Nicaragua, and I have lived most of my life in a rural community in Matagalpa. There I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. My first international experience was in 2011 when I lived and studied at the University of Northern Iowa for the summer. I was 18 years old. This experience totally changed the way I see the world and paved the way for other experiences and opportunities that I never dreamed of before that summer. At the time I first heard about GG, I had always wanted to learn more about the organization. I have a strong belief that traveling is one of the best ways to change our own view on life and the world. This is my first time working with GG, and I am sure that together we will make a great team. During my free time, I enjoy hiking, running, reading, meeting new people, and listening to music.



Hello! My name is Crystal Martinez, I’m 21 years old and I’m a current student of Mechanical Industrial Engineering. In my free time, I’m a hair and photo shoot model as well! And besides that, I’m a part-time babysitter and an English and Math tutor. Since I was a little kid, I was very interested in all cultures around the world. It was my dream to know people from all places because I truly believe that diversity is what makes this world interesting and unique! When I first heard about Global Glimpse, I wanted to apply but I was hesitant because I knew it would be a big responsibility and would require professional growth as I trained for the position. Another obstacle is that getting a professional job can be difficult in Panamá due to high expectations in the country. In the end, I chose to believe in myself and apply. Just as I believed in myself, I believe in all of you and the change you can make in yourselves and this world. So what am I looking forward to this summer? I am really hoping that you will all leave with a greater perspective on my country and Latin America in general, getting to understand this wonderful and diverse culture and its influence in the world.



We’re looking forward to meeting you and being by your side during this amazing experience!

Your favorite and only program coordinators,

Crystal Martinez and Larry Gómez