No, we didn’t visit the Willa Wonka Factory but we did visit the Castille de Cacao the Castle of Chocolate ) and the Cascada Blanca (The White Waterfall), which are close enough.

With a blast back to America, Maria’s playlist had the whole bus rockin’ to American favorites such as “Magic” by Coldplay and “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit. Once we arrived to the Chocolate factory, students got to indulge in the familiar smell of rich cacao. We were then taken on a tour through the more humble process of chocolate-making: without any added preservatives, without the use of any complicated chemicals, and without the ease of heavy machinery. This factory makes up to 700 bars of chocolate per day, all by the capable hands of only three women.

I remember seeing dogs all around the courtyards of the factory and thinking why are there so many dogs if they can’t even eat it, but then realization struck: they must be as mesmerized by the scent of untarnished chocolate as we are. That’s quality for you.

Yum, chocolate.


Moving away from those sinful thoughts, let’s talk about exercise.

photo 3

We’ve gone up slopes and we’ve gone down slopes, but the trail leading to the marvelous Cascada Blanca, or White Waterful, unfortunately and painfully consisted of both. However, it was definitely worth its rigor as even Shashank pushed on with his crutches. Needless to say, our leg muscles are toned as ever, maybe even as toned as Mo’s (that crazy cross country runner). While we’re on the subject, Mohammed deserves a huge thanks, as he helped us pass over dangerous paths and literally carried us when we fell down. Big love, *snap snap*.

While today was designated our first “fun day” in the itinerary, it definitely was not in actuality. It came after countless laughs and bonding attainable only through the hard days we previously had. To end on a sentimental note, the Global Glimpsers left Cascada Blanca with a lovely chorus of “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz, a true unplanned moment of bonding that can never be recreated by force.

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