Hola, it’s Kim and Sabrina from San Francisco, CA! Today we walked to a local fair-trade coffe production center/cafe (the iced coffee was muy bueno). We were blessed with the opportunity to witness the taste process of pure coffee and sample some delicioso chocolate! With our cordobas waiting to be used, all of us purchased bags of coffee, chocolate bars, and honey. Look out for your presents at home, parents! IMG_1234

After the delicious field trip, a few of us gathered to the local market and visited a leather shop as well as a department store a few blocks away. IMG_1291  We then walked back to the lovely Hotel Kiuras and met some special guests from a similar program – Global Potential. We laughed with some interesting introductions and got to know one another through some questions plastered on the wall. It was “tuanis” (a Nicaraguan term meaning “very cool”) to meet other students experiencing similar trips as us. IMG_1288

We’re writing this in a rush as we have to lead the nightly meeting now, but we’re looking forward to our talent-no-talent show tonight! We’re going to witness some amazing talents…Thanks for reading, this was Kim and Sabrina!