111Hi, my name is Daquan Dennison and I am 17 years old. Today I lead my fellow glimpsers to the parliament. This was a great adventure in which we learned a lot about the politics of the Dominican Republic. We explored the House of Senate and the House of Representation and learned about the jobs within each house. We were lead by a tour guide and several glimpsers have inquired about how the government plans on dealing with certain issues such as the upholding of school conditions or enforcement of policies. Unfortunately, since the questions were asked towards a tour guide many of the answers were censored in order for the Dominican government to maintain its reputation.


A few things that I have learned about myself was the fact that I am not a very assertive person. However, I now realize that a good leader will delegate someone within the group to cover challenges they face. I have also learned that I am capable of keeping track of time and putting in effort to ensure people are trying to getting to places on time. Being a leader has allowed me to explore my leadership style.


I think a person who inspired on this trip is Kerrlene because she is always there to check up on me and make sure that I am feeling okay. She also gives me tips on how to lead others. These positive vibes help me to stay confident and stay resilient throughout the day. Without Kerrlene I may have been very depressed while being a leader because sometimes it was challenging leading the boisterous personalities in our group




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