Sustainability & First Day of Teaching!!

Hello worried parents,

Don’t worry, everybody is still alive and well.  There were a few cases of homesickness but everyone is having a lot of fun!

Today was “Aid and Development Day” and we listened to a professional talk about the steps to address a disaster. His name is Abdias Borrouet and not only was he extremely charismatic about his work, but he also opened our eyes into the world of humanitarian aid.  He told us that in order for a development project to be successful, it must be sustainable. It cannot just last for 2 days and disappear, no matter how good those 2 days are. A successful project stays for good and doesn’t leave until people are on their feet and can thrive on their own. However, not only are physical resources like water and food very important, mental health is just as valuable. One thing that surprised us was the fact that “too much aid” definitely exists. If organizations give too much rice to a particular organization, then the cost of local rice will plummet, causing an economic downfall. Because of this, organizations like Red Cross or Unicef need to be careful with how much they donate because too much can cause harm. Abdias was an amazing speaker and we all learned a lot from him! (snaps to Abdias)

But I’m sure you want to hear about your kids right?

Today was very exciting because it was our first day of teaching!!! Yesterday we were assigned to classes and partners, and today we were put to the test. Most of us were pretty nervous about it. The classes ranged from beginner to advanced levels and contained students ages 8-25. I had to honor to teach the advanced students because I do not know lick of Spanish. The students were so enthusiastic and willing to learn. You could tell by the way they listened and responded that they were eager to learn English. For most of us, it was our first time teaching any sort of class and we were very nervous about our teaching skills and how the classes would react. But in all honesty, the students were so amazing, no matter the age or level. After class was dismissed, we gathered in the hallways of Liceo, the school, and chattered excitedly about how our classes went. So much fun, so much laughter, and for sure looking forward to the next 4 classes. I can’t wait to get to know these people more and both teach and learn from them. Be sure to ask your kids about how teaching went because I’m sure they will have a lot to say 🙂

We also got to go to the local supermarket today which was pretty great. Snacks are always pretty great. People got candy, caramels, sodas, cookies, chips and all kinds of other goodies. We’re already talking about what to get the next time we go.

Tomorrow is Work like a Local Day which sounds like a blast whoohoo

Big Love, Alicia Qian