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Being the first Leaders of the Day puts a lot of pressure on us, but with the help of Emily, Nacho, and our GG leaders we learned to overcome nervousness and shyness. However, our day started off pretty hectic. We woke everyone up extremely early, about 30 mins earlier and we banged on their doors to make sure they wouldn’t go back to sleep. Breakfast was at 8:00 and the food was delicious and everyone ate well and enjoyed it. After breakfast we took a short commute to the city center of Riobamba and we were divided into teams and given questions to complete tasks about Riobamba and Ecuadorian and Kitchwa culture. We started at 10:30 and ended at 12.

So, I’m Michelle one of the leaders of the day, and I’d like to talk about my group during the scavenger hunt. A very intelligent young woman named Lisa who is very well spoken when it comes to group meetings in speaking Spanish helped at lot in my group because we didn’t speak as well as she did.

I’m Palden some shy kid form Brooklyn and I’d like to say how proud I am of my group on how well we worked together and coexisted as a team. We were extremely competitive, we wanted to win as much as we wanted to learn about the extravagant Ecuadorian culture. Perla, Waleska, and Emelyn did an amazing job of being confident and bold asking random strangers questions about the culture of Ecuador. Perla basically led the team with her amazing skills and communicating with Ecuadorian people and helping our team get points as well as enlightening and opening our minds about the Ecuadorian culture.

Later on after the trip we commuted back to our hotel and after 2 hours, we were headed to Nativa, an Ecuadorian restaurant. Before we feasted, we headed back to the kitchen and made empanadas. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun with smiles on their faces and experiencing how to make empanadas. Even though I’m pretty sure no one made a perfect empanada, it’s the effort that counts! After an hour or so we got to eat our handmade empanadas which were surprisingly good and we also got to try new fruits of the country Ecuador. Ecuador has a lot of weird looking fruits but it’s not about how it looks; it’s about how it tastes and it tasted really good. Soon after everyone was really having an amazing time sitting around and just getting to know each other better and as Leaders of the Day we had to summarize how the day went, then as a group we talked about the good and the bad things about how the day went. We shared our talent and everyone seemed impressed and had loving energy. We ended the meeting by passing the torch to the next Leaders of Day and I hope we helped and set a pathway for others on how to be a leader and to improve ourselves from here. We wish the next Leaders of the Day nothing but the best!