Hola!! My name is Becky Fox and I was today’s ELDD. We started our day by enjoying the lovely breakfast of pancakes and fruit. Proceeding the breakfast, we had our Global Business Seminar in which we learned about how businesses benefit from Fair Trade and how it affects them. We discussed in small groups on how we thought we could make a difference and came to the general conclusion that we can try to support smaller businesses and businesses that support fair trade.

After this engaging and thought-provoking seminar, we hopped on the bus to our next stop: Benefecio Don Esteban. This bus ride was full of laughter and singing, on the top of our lungs, to “throwback” songs. After arriving at Beneficio Don esteban, we were given a brief walk-through of the factory. We then watched a slideshow about the process of making coffee. (Who knew it was so complicated?!?!?) We got to learn about the different processes and precisely how their company prepared their coffee for exportation. I was impressed by my fellow glimpsers by how many questions they had, for our speakers, and how interested everyone was in the process.


After listening, we were able to experience first hand the tasting process of the coffee. They set up four different coffees for us and we were all given the opportunity to try the different roasts. This experience was different than you would think. Instead of dainty sips we were taught how to correctly slurp the coffee to experience its real taste. We all had fun with this part and laughing as others were trying to see who could slurp as loudly as the factory workers. After perfecting our slurps, we hit the road again and made our way back to the hostel.


Once making it back to the hostel we enjoyed a fantastic lunch of plantains, rice, and chicken. After filling our bellies with amazing food we were allowed some free time before the next activity. During this free time we were given the chance to relax of go into the town (as long as we made it back in time for the next activity).After free time we then walked down to Barista, a nearby coffee shop. After arriving we were able to listen to the story of the shop and how they ran their business. Also thanks to our amazing PCs we were all able to enjoy a drink from Barista. After hearing about their business, and how they were the first coffee shop in Mataglapa, we then were able to learn from one of their baristas. She taught us how to make cappuccinos and how to do the designs on the top of the drink, with cream. It was crazy to see how fast and precise she was able to make, what she called, one of the hardest drinks to put together. She actually won 3rd place at a Barista competition in Nicaragua where they had only 15 minutes to prepare 16 drinks, all very difficult to make. Learning from her was a very unique experience, since we were able to learn how to make the drinks first hand.

We then headed on our walk back home, where we had time to prepare for day three of English Tutoring. After preparing and eating the delicious meal of tacos, we proceeded to the school where we all taught our English classes. The English classes have been going amazing so far and seem to keep getting better and better.


Overall today was a blast where we were able to learn all about coffee and the entire process, which a lot of us didn’t know before. We continue to trek forward through our Global Glimpse journey with our (2nd) family by our sides.


Buenos Noches,

Becky Fox


P.S. Mom, Dad, Anna: I miss ya’ll so much and can’t wait to share all the stories with you! LOVE YOU <3