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Hola todos!

Today, we continued our delivery for our Community Action Project at Los Pocitos. Being the El Lider Del Dia we woke everyone up at 7 in the morning. For breakfast at Quiero Mas, we ate delicious cereal with milk and bananas. After our filling breakfast, we split into groups to buy more supplies for our project. The artists painting the mural at Los Pocitos , went to the market to buy more paint. Others went to the market and bought supplies for the trash pick up and tutoring session for the kids at Los Pocitos. After we efficiently picked up our supplies, we made our way to Los Pocitos jamming to music along the way. When arriving at Los Pocitos around 10 a.m., we were all so eager to finish what we started. In the community center, the artists finished the primer on the wall for the mural. We also painted the other wall blue to give the community center more color. While the artists were painting, we were also picking up trash with the little kids of Los Pocitos. It was so amazing to see the children so enthusiastic to pick up the trash and make their community a clean environment. Other than painting a mural inside, the locals of the community helped us repaint the  beautiful mural on the outside of the community center. Witnessing the locals work very hard to remember the exact colors of the mural was very inspiring. After we picked up the trash around the community, some of us taught the children English greetings and numbers. We also played a little fun game of soccer with them. By the end of the day, the artists were all covered up with blue paint and the others were covered in dirt after playing soccer. As a community, we were able make progress on the beautiful murals inside and outside the community center. We look forward to finishing our project at Los Pocitos tomorrow.

Here’s a link to a video we’ve made dedicated to our fathers, enjoy!

Father’s Day Wishes