We woke up at 7 am and had breakfast soon after. When we were all finished we headed to the school to work on our CAP Project (Community Action Project). We managed to finish all of the rooms which consisted of different paintings. There were butterflies, flowers, and a tree with words and quotes painted aside it to make those school classrooms a friendly and fun learning environment for the kids. The students were pleased at the sight and some of us glimpsers befriended the kids. We played soccer with them and gave them treats. It was heartbreaking for some of us to have to leave them because they became very attached to us even though they have known only for a couple of days. Once we were back at the hostel, we wrote our drafts and final drafts of our letter to our donors describing our experience and giving thanks to them. We also made preparations for our English tutoring class and left at 6 pm for it. We had classes of Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced based on how good their English was respectively.

My class was the Advanced one. In that class, I led simple conversations with the students while having them read more complex sentences and point out parts of speech in some of these sentences. It was a good class and towards the end, we came up with ideas to do for the talent show tomorrow. It mainly consisted of music and different dance challenges. We headed back to the hostel and surprised our head GGL, Ms. Dodge for her birthday with a huge cake and gave her gifts that left her overjoyed. Seeing her happy brightened everybody’s mood and thereafter we reflected upon our day. It was a day of hard work and joy with no downside whatsoever.