We started the day as usual by eating at Imabite with a wonderful breakfast. Then we returned back to the hostel to energize ourselves to prepare us for a very productive day. After the energizer, we had a program seminar about writing letters of appreciation. We wrote [thank you[ letters to the supporters who helped each of us in the delegation with making this trip possible. After an hour completing our letters, we headed to the hardware store to purchase supplies for our Community Action Project. Each committee from the CAP purchased supplies to get their projects running. The three main goals we had for the CAP were to fix the bus, create a new trail, and paint the classrooms.

Then we headed to the Special Need School and had lunch there. After lunch we delegated rolls for our projects. For example, how to begin to fix the trail which was clearing the pathway. We also decided that a group of people would work on the trail and the other group work on painting the classrooms. We worked from two o’clock pm to four o’clock pm finishing the classrooms and the pathway. Between those hours, we accomplished so much work for both the trail and classrooms.

Even though we accomplished so much of the trail and classrooms, we had some ups and downs with the original project. Unfortunately our original plan to fix the bus was not achieved because of the complications of the mechanical problems that the bus had. On the bright side, the money that was going towards fixing the bus will now be donations for materials necessary for the children at the school. After the hard work we accomplished, we headed back to the hostel with a surprise dinner of pizza and ice cream. We ended the day with completing one-third of our CAP. We continued our night with the usual nightly meeting with a new activity. With this new activity, it gave us a chance to collaborate with one another by giving anonymous characteristic compliments to everybody. By working as a team we were able to accomplish many task while we created closer bonds with one another.