Hi, this is Daniel and Rish! Today was our second day working on the Community Action Project. Things started to work a lot more smoothly now that the group has started getting into the swing of things. Everybody tried their best to keep busy during all hours of the day, and tasks were clearly delegated. Thankfully, the bulk of our day wasn’t taken up by simply moving cement blocks, and we were able to start working on the table and benches that will be placed outside of the community center. Some of our fellow Glimpsers got to flex their creative muscles by painting the tables and benches. The San Francisco community members gleefully jumped in with paintbrushes to help (even though the ground ended up with more paint than any of the tables). Pepito, our elder statesman of construction and a human brick-laying machine, glided around the construction site, blessing us with his wisdom and skill. One could only imagine the mountain of experience he has locked away in his mind. It was a common sight to see Andrew, one of our Global Glimpse Leaders and the patron saint of table-making, leading a group of trabajadoresย towards the common goal of a complete table. For lunch, our culinary expert and hotel owner, Dilenia, blessed us with a mouth watering Dominican meal of arroz y chile, and everybody was able to take a well-needed break from all the work. We continued the project after eating, and very soon it was time for us to leave to return tomorrow to complete our CAP project.

Rish – Hi fam, looking forward to talking to you. Will call again in a couple of days, but looking forward to our full convo on my way home. Love you guys.

Daniel: Hello parents, can’t wait to come home after a month away to finally sleep in my own bed and just relax for a couple days. Miss yall and see you soon!