¡Qué lo qué! ¿Tranquilo? Our names are Victor (Hiiii Gabyyyyy) and Nicolette (Hi Mami and Papi!). Today, we were finally able to begin our community action project with the locals at Guanito. Our day began with waking up at 7:00AM and we were able to eat breakfast and finish buying any supplies we needed for our community action project which is renovating a park in the community of Guanito. The community was so excited to see us again that as soon as we arrived the kids ran to our bus to greet us. Then we began to work on the park by clearing the floor because there was an endless amount of rocks and glass filling the park. We also dug trenches around the perimeter (thanks to me hahahaha- Victor). While this was happening some of us even painted current benches and got sun burned (half of my calve is completely red- Nico & I got completely sun burned and got a really bad tan line -Victor).  By the end of the day we were able to finish the trench around the perimeter, paint and decorate the benches, and clean out the majority of the rocks. What made this experience so memorable was being able to do all this work side by side with the locals, especially the kids! They were so fun to play with,we started racing, play fighting, and played tag with them. They had a very cute dog in from one of the local’s house, omg she was sooooo cuteeee. Throughout the entire day everyone was constantly working hard and super positive. By the end of the day we were all exhausted but, one thing I will never forget is what one of the mothers from the community told me. Her name is Irma and she came up to me so completely happy and thankful that we were there helping them improve the park and it was extremely heart warming. We are so thankful to be partnered with such an amazing community and can’t wait to see how the park turns out! Thanks for taking your time to read our blog post, Ciao!


I miss you beautiful, te amo! 🙂 – Victor

p.s. (part two)

I hope you guys aren’t missing me too much. I love you and miss you uglies! (Mami, Papi, Vero, Mauricito, Jose Angel, and Angelita) <3 -Nico