Quote of the day: “A lot of little people, doing little things in little places, can change the world.” – Eduardo Galeano

Question of the day: How can you organize yourselves even better to make the CAP project? more effective, efficient, enjoyable and meaningful?

To begin the day we all woke up at a, not so pleasing, 6:45AM. Today was SUPER eventful, and it began with the Community Action Project (CAP). For the CAP we asked the small community of Las Gradas what they wanted our help with, and they said a fence on their school property. The fence they wanted us to build was to protect their garden from animals so that they can sell and eat the fruit to help the school and community. Our original plan for the first day of our CAP was to measure out and dig the holes to put all the posts for the fencing. We actually ended up putting all the posts in the holes, which we covered in oil first so that way the wood wouldn’t rot, and securing them with layers of dirt and rocks. We even got about half way done with putting up the fencing, which we sandwiched between the big post stuck in the ground, and a smaller slat of wood.

Today I felt like I was the mom of the group (This is Kristine if you couldn’t tell). I was even called Mom countless times today, after all I was constantly reminding people to take breaks while working and to stay hydrated. I probably should have remembered to take a few more breaks myself, but I was excited to be running around helping everyone. Everyone was working so hard and doing an awesome job. The whole first day of CAP was so awesome, and I think the only negative part of it all was how people overworked themselves. I think everyone was waiting the whole trip to get to this project. So far we have learned so much, but the CAP is something we can actually give back and feel accomplished about.

Helping hands!

For the second half of our hectic, but great day, we celebrated with our English tutoring students for their graduation. First, we had to buy all the supplies needed for the celebration. We used some of the money given by the students to buy the materials needed for the celebration. We made sure that all the students where to report at the upstairs reception area at five o’clock pm. During the celebration, we had the students do a presentation of an activity they learned while in class. Being able to see the smile on their faces while they showed off their knowledge was truly heartwarming and something unforgettable. When all students finished their presentation, we got to individually surprise our students with certificates for becoming the Summer English Tutoring Class of 2018. Being able to surprise the students one last time was a memory that will last a lifetime. After the students received the certificates, we finished the celebration with a big food party with pizza, chips, lollipops, cake, ice cream, and soda. I know that all of the Global Glimpsers will cherish this experience of being able to help others learn a new language, as well as being able to enjoy learning a bit more Spanish.

Introducing the celebration

Today was a very enlightening day and a day I will never forget. I got the opportunity to build a fence for a local school to help them grow crops to fund the school. In doing this, I feel like I am making a lasting difference in a welcoming and loving community. Also, I felt I made a bond with my students, and I am grateful for everything Global Glimpse has offered me today. -Carter

We’re looking forward to finishing the fence tomorrow and having another day of meaningful work,

Kristine and Carter

P.S. Sorry mom that I didn’t call yesterday I hope you can forgive me! Love, Kristine