Hola familias! Bright and early, at 6:00, we woke up and had a wonderful breakfast of homemade pancakes. Today was our first day of working on our Community Action Project(CAP) at Infancia sin Fronteras (a school for young children). For the project, we decided to repaint the school, paint a mural, and build education corners, which means each corner of the room focuses on a different subject (english, math, science, and art). The first step of the project was taking off bookshelves and washing the walls so we could paint everything white. We started working at 8:30 and for the first 2 hours, we cleaned the walls and washed the floors. We took a water/snack break at 10:30, regrouped, and prepared ourselves to paint for the next 4 hours that we were there. From around 10:45 to 12, we started to paint the outside front wall, and all the inside walls white using paint rollers and brushes. All too soon, we realized that painting is hard work, but we pushed through until lunch. At 12, we all took a break to eat and talk about exciting plans for the next CAP day, when we get to start painting actual shapes with pretty colors. After lunch, we resumed painting and finished by around 2. Although the smell of paint is not something one wants to smell for many hours, we were happy as how our first day turned out. Upon arriving at the hostel, many of us wanted to go to the local pastry shop to get donuts, or make calls home and in our free time, we did just that. After free time, we had dinner, resumed our English tutoring, held our nightly meeting, and had a little more free time to relax. Today was tiring, but definitely worth all the laughs and the impact we know we’ll be making on the community.