Welcome to today’s episode! This is Peri Zoe and Emmanuel writing after a hard day’s work, our first day of the Community Action Project at Escuela Manuel Tiburcio!

This morning, we all got some much needed rest (sleeping in until 7:00am) and made sure to wake up our birthday girl, Kalkidan, with a birthday song. Breakfast was served at 8:00am. It was an omelet with toast and fruit paired with delicious hot coco to wash it down. Big Love to Rafael for the delicious food!!!!!! Our delegation gathered after breakfast to prepare for a long day working at the school. After the preparation, we loaded up in the safari.

Once we arrived at the school, we were introduced to seven talented art students from the nearby school, Escuela de Arte de Jarabacoa. The Spanish speakers within our delegation certainly got a workout today, using their wonderful translation skills to help us communicate with our guests for the day. After several get-to-know-you exercises and introductions, our Global Glimpse students combined forces with the art students to create three different designs and paint three different planters directly outside the walls of the school. The designs consisted of three of the four elements necessary for plants to grow: water (a river), CO2 (the sky/air), and soil. Unfortunately, our day got cut short because Jarabacoa has been experiencing so much rain! We were glad to pack up in time and protect our designs from getting smudged. After cleaning up, we went to a local ice cream shop to enjoy ice cream after a hard day of work.

We arrived back to the hostel covered in paint and ready to nap, which most people did during our designated “quiet time.” Before dinner, we spent some time writing letters to our wonderful donors for making this trip possible- big shoutout to Colorado for having so many donors! We finished our evening off with a wonderful birthday celebration, filled with balloons, cake, and lots of photos. Happy Birthday KK !!!!!!!!

CAP (Community Action Project) Day To be continued…